Juice Immersive was founded to take immersive technology (XR) solutions and experiences outside of the traditional gaming context.

We don’t play games with this technology - we revolutionise operational practices, drive efficiencies and collaboration, and improve customer experience. We deliver results.

Our team is here to work collaboratively with your organisation and its stakeholders, to identify the opportunities for integration and to maximise the impact of strategically Applied XR. We look forward to working with you.


So what is AppliedXR?

AppliedXR is our trademarked approach to scoping, planning, managing, delivering, and evaluating XR projects.

can help with

data visualisation
360° video
digital twins
XR training solutions
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I'm excited about this because we're bringing something new to the business. In time it will become a big part of how we train people.

Martin Murphy, Training & Standards Manager at Northern Powergird


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