Juice Immersive AppliedXR Hero

What if we told you that your business has access to technology that could revolutionise the way you share knowledge, understand data and develop organisational culture?

AppliedXR is our tried and tested approach to scoping, managing and evaluating XR projects. We don't play games when it comes to AppliedXR, it is a proven methodology that is here to deliver a lasting impact on your business. 

If you think your business or team is ready to adopt this exciting technology, why not speak to us today.

Juice Immersive AppliedXR Hero Process

How does it work?


It's about: Understanding, Confidence & Purpose.

During Capture, we'll work with you to understand the art of the possible and where XR could bring true value. From there, we move into Consult.

This is where through ideation workshops and project scoping, we'll work together to brief your project and provide you with the confidence for delivery.

Finally, we move into Create, where our team and partners will work to deliver on the brief and make your XR project a reality.


  • Capture is for Understanding.
  • Consult develops Confidence.
  • Create delivers true Purpose.

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