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Whatever your role, whatever industry you're in, outcome you're looking for, AppliedXR is the trusted solution.

We work with recognisable global powerhouses and ambitious SMEs, from marketing agencies to advanced engineers, to realise the true purpose of XR.

Our clients and partners share our passion for innovation and fearlessness in breaking boundaries and new ground.


If you are...

  • an Innovation Manager
  • a Managing Director
  • a Chief Procurement Officer
  • a Training Manager
  • a Technical Director
  • a Creative Director

at a...

  • utilities organisation
  • events agency
  • manufacturer
  • engineering company
  • logistics organisation
  • sports club

looking to...

  • promote innovation
  • improve efficiency
  • increase profitability
  • deploy more effective training
  • change company culture
  • sell more

we can help with...

  • data visualisation
  • digital twins
  • 360° video
  • XR training solutions
  • immersive analytics
  • XR adoption strategy
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work with Juice.

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